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was reported. what we coknow is there are thousands of them and the obama administration has assured us and the public before this came out that it happens infrequently, once in a while. >> warner: now, equally
his clown for mocking mr. obama. how did the media react to this? >> on the panel this week rider and fox news contributor judy miller. jim bicker, fox news contributor allen combs. fox news watch is on right now. >>> the american people really don't know what this law is all about. i've tried to figure it out. you know, you've tried to figure it out. you've worked on it every day and the president has. they change the law on the run which is utterly unconstitutional. >> mark levine talking with fox's kneel cavuto earlier this week about the complexities about confusion. that obama care is a mess. are they picking up on it? >> yeah. it reminds me of the catastrophic care act of 1988 which was repealed in 1989, but fortunately unline president bush 41, president obama has the media on his sign. that clip from chris cuomo was a pretty indicative thing. paul bremer at news busters documented a lot more of this. he's got a bodyguard around him. >> alan? >> look, the washingt"washingto has followed obama care. the fact is they've showed maps. this notion that the mainstream media, i.e.
. >> is it fair to say then that you don't think that what president obama announced last week in the press conference about a new board to oversee this is going to be good enough for you? >> well, he's had a board that had 14 members and now it's down to 4. no, i'm not interested. we have one. it's called congress. >> right. >> called the leg lative branch. if you want an advisory board, we have one. so you will have to just stop letting a few people know what's going on with the intelligence programs but let everyone know and if you don't, then you're going to find some of these tools are not available anymore. >> sounds reasonable to me. thank you so much. >>> it's becoming a habit. president obama trying to make an end run around congress. yet again. in june, president obama vowed to make climate change a priority of his second term and this week epa chief mccarthy saying that the president plans to bypass congress to get that done. >> they do think that this climate change issue and its impacts are fundamentally an economic challenge. they are fundamentally an economic challenge and i
-called n word's use. people like mr. obama, people like oprah winfrey if they were wanting to lead, they would help push that word outside of the scope of normal discourse. even if it means calling out the kanye west or other so-called hip people telling everyone it's never appropriate. but, again, even the use of the "n" word isn't a factor in deciding whether or not people are going to attain their objectives. it's not a function of the unemployment rate. it's not a function of the wealth and asset creations that are occurring in black and white america. >> laura: immitt thrill and the trayvon martin case. that kind of took me aback, professor. do you think the emit til case given what that meant to black people where a young man was systematically murdered for his supposed role for this controversy in the south in the mid 50s? that's the same as trayvon martin? >> first of all, let me correct some things. resume sites appear african-americans addresses less likely to get a job. disparity in income and wealth. this idea that race is irrelevant in people's lives is nonsense. we se
president mohamed morsi. president obama tonight appears to be assuming role of the great appeaser in the middle east. in northern africa and south asia, willing, it seems, to negotiate american interests and the interests of our allies with the taliban to in some interests directly affiliated with groups in al qaeda and muslim brotherhood for a significant if not dominant role in the egyptian government. we'll be exploring throughout the region the degree to which the obama foreign policy is responsible and whether this administration cannot successfully play a struktive role in support of egypt's secular military and in the shaping of a new democratic government with or without the muslim brotherhood and any forthcoming governing coalition. our foreign policy expert will also take on the issue of why mr. obama wants the muslim brotherhood's participation despite the objections of the secular military and other elements of the egyptian governing coalition. this is where things stand tonight in egypt. the interim government came into power after the removal of mohamed morsi, an dev
exactly that and drop coverage by 2019 and the delay piles up the obama and administration seems to push back any part of the law that it does not like that to penalize the businesses that do not provide coverage to the midterm elections how timely but the individual mandate penalizes those without insurance remains in effect. , but if you are a staff member or a member of the union you may be okay. in just before the summer recess through subsidies. and documentation from the department of hhs shows the 1200 waivers granted today to have gone to organized labor. and part of obamacare as a never-ending pattern follows attorney general eric holder's new plan to ignore the legislative process concerning mandatory sentencing for drug crimes. my first guest says the attorney general was to be legislator, a judge a and warda and. joining us now member of the judiciary committee and a member of the house oversight committee also a federal prosecutor for six years. great to have you with us. let's begin with the latest delay of obamacare rollout to the benefit of the insurance companies to the
president obama to cancel joint military exercises with egypt that had been planned for next month, that was a rebuke of egypt's military leaders, but he also had a stern warning for egypt's interim government speaking from martha's vineyard on thursday. >> given the depths of our partnership with egypt, our national security interests in this pivotal part of the world and our belief that engagement can support a transition back to a democratically elected civilian government we've sustained our commitment to egypt and its people. but while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue, as usual, when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> for the latest on the situation now, we go to msnbc news foreign correspondent live in cairo. >> good morn, steve. a tense situation is unfolding. a mosque where dozens of supporters of the president seems to be developing. in that situation a gunfight has broken out outside the mosque and tear gas inside the mosque to try to get the supporters out. throughout the course of the early morning we
be a party of optimism and a party of hope. part of what we have to do in the era of obama's disaster we have to get by being anti-obama and convince people you can have hope in america. >> hope for republicans nationally is what the party clings to because at the moment that's all they got. that much is evident if you read politico this morning which reported that they see the party on a national level as veering towards destruction. "it's almost impossible to find an establishment republican in town who is not down right morose about the 2013 that has been and is about to be. they see this year as a disaster-in-the-making even if most elected republicans don't know it or ad it it requested. politico said threats of government shutdown and default and republicans are out. republicans have alienated an array of voting blocks. thanks to hyper partisan districts republicans have less to fear locally especially when it comes to their control of the house. nationally, however, it's a different story. jonathan allen is the senior washington correspondent with politico. sam stein is an msnbc contri
in egypt and particularly the stand that president obama has taken when it comes to the push for democracy in that country. let's bring in my guest. foreign correspondent in cairo, and the professor of international relations at the london school of economics and political science, and mark ginsburg is former u.s. ambassador to morocco as well as former white house middle east adviser to president carter. thank you so much for joining me, guys. so ayman, i want to start with you. thousands of muslim brotherhood members have been arrested in the past few days. hundreds have been killed. there was a kae arrest today that i want to start with. tell us why that is so important. >> well, it is important on two different fronts. particularly from the perspective of the egyptian government. mohamed al zawahiri is the brother of ayman al zawahiri, the leader of pakistan, or the global movement. certainly in gym within very specific circles, of this islamic ideology, that particularly being of extremists, he is a very well respected figure. very much a popular figure among the circles, among the id
, voters important to barack obama, voting right issues to latinos, african-americans. she's hitting all the right buttons here. to watch this event it was interesting because she even -- her people were looking at who was in the audience. newsome was in there to watch the speech. shows she got the figures out there and the people out there looking at who she needs to contact, i think, for future run. >> clearly she's got a lot of women excited. forget the process of the first female president. however, women were excited in '08 and she lost that time to barack obama. is she taking a page out of the obama playbook this time? she's going after the millenials, trying to lay down her social media very early. >> absolutely. here's the difference. i talked to a lot of people in silicon valley about hillary clinton. about a year ago no she may be old news, now they are saying look we're on board with her. she's got to get the same bright young people that obama had to run that campaign. none of the old guard. the people that failed her the last time around. this has to be a new campaign with a
the three federal branches, for the most part they're giving their ideas one after another. obama care. whether it's these other acts of the federal government so it's the federal government working and the massive bureaucracy against the states and against the individuals. >> you looking at a constitution to provide the mens for restoring self government and you even go as far as to suggest otherwise there is the potential of social collapse. >> well, i mean, when you have a federal government that has unfunded liabilities under $93 billion and 3 years ago over $67 trillion, it's growing that fast, a federal government imploding and expanding at the same time, when you have a federal reserve that's just mindlessly, you know, printing money through quantitative easing and so forth and when you have poll tins only rewarded if they spend your children and your grandchildren's money and future, not if they try to draw the line and so the system is broken because we're unmoored from the constitution. so the notion of limited government was all swept away with a big exclamation mark with ob
of anger in egypt against the obama administration from both sides. what are they pushing for? >> i'm not surprised 20% is influenced by the brotherhood and islamists. they are angry against the administration because of the political side they had with washington. the bigger concern i have is for the 80% egyptians who consider that the united states endorse the brotherhood and let the brotherhood do what they have done. there could be work in cairo and united states to bring back the friendship that existed before. >> doug: it appears that the entire middle east is a powder keg. what is the tipping point? what is the flash point for broader war? >> the battle of egypt is it. wherever egypt goes, the rest goes. we put pressure on them. and saudi arabia said i will be funding the egyptian government. kuwait. and i am with the egyptian army now. this is a message to washington. be careful. when you side with the muslim brotherhood you could lose half the region. >> doug: a tough balancing act. thank you for your expertise. i appreciate it. good to see you, sir. new revelations leaked
. and tonight i'm proud to say we have the latest on the gripping story of the rodeo clown who put on an obama mask. (laughter) yes, i'm sure you all know. some said the media would be thrown off this rodeo story in a second. (laughter) but nobody, nobody rides this kind of bull like the heroes of cable news. jim? >> from the state fair asked the crowd if they wanted to see a rodeo clown with an obama mask run down by a bull. another clown playing with the obama mask slips. >> a rodeo clown who performed during the missouri state fair while wearing a mask of president obama has been banned from performing at the missouri state fare ever again. >> the missouri rodeo cowboy association president, he also resigned in the midst of this clown fallout. >> there is some new fallout over this whole rodeo clown issue. the rodeo announcer at the event now stepping down as president of missouri's rodeo cowboy association has all of this gone way too far? >> stephen: oh, it's gone way too far. the clown's been fired. the announcer resigned. the cowboy association's president has resigned. and countless bu
. relations are not close at the moment because president obama does not like britain, and he makes it clear that he doesn't, so these things are trivial on the surface things. presidents come and go, and as i've said before, president obama is the winner of the king george iii award for the worst president in american history. >> host: why king george iii? >> guest: because king george iii was the king of england at the time of the american revolution, and was, to a very great extent, responsible for that revolution taking place. >> host: why did president obama, in your view, win that award? >> guest: well, one thing i didn't like about him is almost the first thing he did when he became president was that he had the boston winston church hill remove from the white house. now, churchill was not any half american himself because his mother was american, and he inherited most of the brains and brilliance from his mother, and not only was he half american, but he was the best english friend america has ever had in my opinion, and he and roosevelt formed a magnificent duo in the war to destroy
. the obama administration is keeping an eye on the situation the u.s. is heavily invested there. ñ every year set aside for egypt. yesterday, president obama says violence must stop. >> jipgs people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days. >> a white house advisor told abc news the further egypt heads down a violent path more difficult for the obama administration to maintain its level of commitment. president obama said egyptians need to step up and take control. >> we've been blamed by supporters of morsi. we've been blamed by the other side as if we're supporters of morsi. >> president obama said that blame game needs to stop. it won't help egypt get back on the path to stability. >> and we want to tell but a amber alert for a parental abduction out of elco, nevada. 3-year-old father and the mother of both children. the children were in state custody. the couple may be driving a dark ford mung yaft. >> a bay area lawmaker tells abc 7 news increased oversight is needed to reign in an irresponsible national security agency. the nsa reports they have broken aand represe
hundreds of things about your health at >> this is the fox report. tonight president obama facing increasing back lash from his own party on the nsa scandal. and just a short time ago, federal investigators searching for answers in the deadly ups plane crash in alabama. they announce new details about what may have gone wrong. but first. law makers and the president may both be on the summer break, but there is no vacation from the show down of obama care threatening to shut down the government. >> you and your family deserve the same relief the president gave to big businesses by giving a employer man date. >> they make it fail they will be sticking it to me. but they are sticking it to you. >> in a moment, brand new polls show how it is affecting the president and congress' approval numbers. >> also, violence escalates in egypt. security forces raiding a mosque with muslim supporters barricaded ndzment >> fox reports from the middle east. chaos gripping the partner in the volatile part of the world. >> helping to heal the heroes who sacrificed so much for all of us. where
up the national budget over funding for obama care. we're live in washington with the latest on the showdown. >>> and the cost of raising kids these days. the startling new figures. plus, what you can do to help your family save some money. >>> but first, a fox news alert. new blood shed in egypt. it is plunging deeper and deeper into chaos. a live look now in cairo where the government and islamists appear to be digging in for a very long fight. at stake, control of the most populous country in the arab world. and in the heart of cairo, a house of worship becoming the latest front in the battle for egy egypt. earlier today, government security forces storming a mosque after a 24-hour standoff with hundreds of pro-mohamed morsi and muslim brotherhood supporters who had barricaded themselves inside. lee lands is liland is live in bureau. what's the latest? >> reporter: gregg, it very much seems what started as a protest in egypt h an armed insurgency. of we want to get back to the video of the mosque you were talking about, it's right next to a police station the muslim brothe
are worrying that without barack obama on the ballot, that black voter turnout may be down. i think this is an attempt to scare blacks to the polls by claiming that republicans -- >> so there's politics going on here. surprise, surprise. but let's just get that fact out. what's the trend from 1996 in percentage of african-americans up 13% from 1996 to 2012. >> even in states with some of the strictest voter i.d. laws in the country. >> how do you respond? first what a surprise. we have an african-american president on top of the ballot in two years. that won't happen when he's no longer on the table. >> the trend precedes barack obama. it goes back to 1996. it happened independent of barack obama. now, will it continue when he's gone? i don't know. but what we do know is that republicans are trying to disenfranchise black voters. >> so, colin, secretary of state clinton said that north carolina pushed through a bill that, quote, reads like the greatest hits of voter suppression, quote/unquote. no more same-day registration. is the goal here really voter suppression? >> no, of course
crowds. the obama administration is keeping an eye on the situation the u.s. is heavily invested there. ñ every year set ase for egypt. yesterday, president obama says violence mu stop. >> jipgs people deserve better than what we've seen overhe last several day >> a white house advisor told abc news the further egypt heads down a violent path more difficult for the obama administration to maintain its level of commitment. president obama said egyptians need totep up and take control. >> we've been blamed by suorters of morsi. we've beenlamed by the other side if we're suppters of morsi. >> president obama said that blame gameeeds to stop. it won't help egypt get back on the path to stability. >> and we wa to tell but a amber alt for a parental abduction out of elco, nevada. 3-year-old father and the mother of both children. the children were in state custod the couple maybe driving a dark ford mu yaft. >> a bay area lawmake tells abc 7 news increased oversight is needed to reign in an irresponsible natial security agency. the nsa reports they have broken aand representative speier says t
the architect behind the obama campaign's skillful organizing of students and volunteers. today, marshall ganz is a founder of the leading change network, a global community of organizers, educators and researchers mobilizing for democracy. you'll find more of his experience and philosophy in this book, "why david sometimes wins" marshall ganz, it's good to meet you. >> marshall ganz: it's good to meet you, bill. >> bill moyers: stories have been a powerful part of your life. where did that come from? why stories? >> marshall ganz: first of all, i grew up in stories. my father's a rabbi. and i grew up with the exodus story as a child. and i was always puzzled by the fact that, you know, they said that at a certain point you were slaves in egypt. i'd never been a slave or been to egypt, they'd say to the children. and, but then i came to realize that what it meant was the story really wasn't the property of one people, time, or place. and then out to the farm workers. and we're in the religious narrative. i mean, one of my first assignments in the farm workers was to organize a march from delan
was a chairman. and he to every state talked to everybody. obama lost all those congressional districts once they through howard dean on the bus. howard dean is your best candidate? caller: he would've had been that he would've been a good candidate for a third-party. host: next caller. caller: jesse jackson bastrop since my party and he represents the new generation of the civil rights generation. allegiance to the traditional elders of the movement, such as his father, jesse jackson. you have this insatiable appetite. he is cup between the traditional representatives of this party. his wife, i think she received 12 months, which is a year, in prison. unprecedented. maggie from texas, independent line. i am a progressive. my choice would be bernie sanders. sanders, heie stands up for the little people. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: he is a man of principle. he stands up for the little people. he does not represent the one percent in this country. he represents the other 99%. overwhelmingly choose bernie sanders. host: please tell me what first brought him to your attention. what
. >>> president obama has condemned the violence in egypt, but u.s. aid to egypt's military continues to trickle in. our white house correspondent dan lothian is in martha's vineyard where the first family is on vacation. dan, why did president obama decide to take this step this week? he canceled joint military exercises between the u.s. and the egyptian military. >> reporter: that's right. he did, brianna. and the main reason is because of the escalating violence on the ground in egypt which you have just been talking about. the president condemning that violence, condemning the actions of the interim military government there and the security forces, but also there's been this sort of level of frustration within the obama administration at the slow pace of the transition from this military interim government to a democratically elected civilian government. the obama administration, at least officials within the administration, had been discussing this as an option. in fact, back in june at the time that the administration decided to delay the delivery of those f-16s, it was brought up as an o
, is president obama like most bases. -- politicians. i counted twentd times he mentioned the middle class in his speech a couple of years ago and. and more recently in the 2012 state of the union. he said the end of world war ii, another generation of hero return home from combat they build the strongest economy and middle class the world has ever known. the defining issue of our time is how to keep the prompts alive. it's a bold statement when the president of the united states calls a particular topic or subject the defining issue of our time. it's certainly matter. i think we all agree. so i think a lot of us would agree with this idea that the plight of the middle class is central to our national conversation. it's one of the biggest story of our time and place. if you look at the numbers, if you look at the research there are many fewer of us than there used to be. we lost power both economically, socially, and politically. i think it has huge implication in term of what kind of country we want to be. i think it means something. basically my approach was to trace the back store. i pick up t
party have made a lot of headway in that direction. and, you know, a couple of summers ago barack obama promised us a summer of recovery which didn't pan out so well, but i think this summer has really been the summer of big government. we've seen through exposures through various leaks a lot of details emerging about the national surveillance program and the extent to which ordinary americans are ensnared in the data mining and the surveillance that is supposed to be going on to protect the country. we have seen a lot of the flaws that are inherent in obamacare. we've watched the implementation of the affordable care act sort of creek and moan, and we've seen sort of this train starting to run off the tracks. and i think we're starting as a country to see what's in store for us as this health care law unfolds. nancy pelosi said that we needed to pass the bill to find out what was in it. the obama administration, jay carney yesterday in a press conference promised that once all the different provisions of the bill kicked in, we were really going to like it. but so far that doesn't seem
obama to cancel annual joint u.s. egyptian militarexercises scheduled for next month. mr. obama, however, did not propose spending the $1.5 billion to the egyptian government for rupturing the u.s. egyptian partnership. and they are at an all-time high in egypt. pro democracy forces are still angry at president obama and the former secretary of state hillary clinton for their initial backing for the former president. mubarak. this is followed by mr. obama's swift and embrace, whom the pro democracy forces blame, for trying to hijack their democratic resolution and to turn it into an islamic republic. and the sentiment was worse for the u.s. ambassador that is now being withdrawn, denouncing the tactics of the forces. and the supporters for their part, they blame the u.s. for secretly blasting them the ongoing support for the government. and the danger now is that the u.s., they have limited leverage at the time of the rising tensions. tensions that could lead to the prolong strikes between the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian government. >> and question on friday, the official death t
of emergency. thursday president obama condemned the crackdown by the government. >> let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully. and condemn the attacks that we've seen by protesters. including on churches. we believe that the state of emergency should be lifted, that a process of national reconciliation should begin, that all parties need to have a voice in egypt's future. amy: the u.s. has been walking a tightrope ever since morsi was removed from office. and just two weeks ago, secretary of state john kerry was hopeful that what happened this week would not come to pass. >> the military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people. afraid of a re descendens into chaos and violence. the military did not take over to the best of our judgment so far. so far. to run the country. there was a civilian government. in effect they were restoring democracy. amy: so indira, where are we now in egypt? >> well, sadly, secretary
at the bottom of the hour dennis ross will weigh in. >>> president obama is calling on for congressional republicans for letting the government shut down. >> they're having debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care and harming the economy and millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically then how badly it will hurt the country. >> kristen welker, good day to you. what is the president saying about the upcoming implementation of obama care. >> reporter: the president is acknowledging there may be bumps in the road but arguing it will be better for the american people once it is implemented. alex, he's really on defense here. republicans have seize second-degree on the fact there's been some challenges to implementation including the recent announcement that the employer mandate would be delayed by a year. by delaying that employer man at a time it could drive up costs for small businesses. what you are seeing more broadly is a preview to the fall budget battles. pre
obama's opening up about her private birthday. and even why she tried, then abandoned her bangs. athena jones has details of a new parade magazine interview out this weekend. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, biking with her family today on martha's vineyard. and opening up to parade magazine about raising 15- year-old malia and 12-year- old sasha >> "what i tell my kids is, i'm preparing you for college and for life. so, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance." >> reporter: asked about these comments to cnn affiliate wcax. >> as a busy single mother - or i shouldn't say single - as a busy mother. >> reporter: the first lady told parade >> "i give my husband credit - he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. but he's not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they're taking next year." >> reporter: mrs obama has also made a point of promoting healthy eating - with her own white house garden. and exercise -- often serving as first example -- natpop from first lady vs fallon v
're the wife of the president of the united states? no easy feat for sure. first lady michelle obama is opening up about that role and athena jones has the inside look. athena? >> fred, in this sunday's parade magazine, the first lady dishes on turning 50, her rules for parenting in the white house and whether a woman could soon be president. we got an early look. first lady, michelle obama, biking with her family friday on martha's vineyard and opening up to parade about raising 15-year-old malia and 12-year-old sasha. what i tell my kids is i'm preparing you for college and life so, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance. asked about these comments to wcax -- >> as a busy single mother or busy mother -- >> she said, i give my husband credit, he knows who their friends are, their schedule, but he is not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they're taking next year. mrs. obama has also made it to point to promote healthy eating and exercise, often serving as first example. ♪ taking on jimmy fallon in a fitn
. p.j. crowley, i always appreciate your insights. >>> new this morning, president obama is calling out congressional republicans, letting the government shut down the implementation of the affordable care act. >> they're having a debate over hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care because they have been sick and harming the economy of millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically than they are with how badly it will hurt the country. >>> with a good morning to you, kristen, besides taking aim at the gop, what is the president saying about the upcoming implementation of obama care? >> well, alex, president obama defending his health care law. of course there was the delay of the employer man tate. he is making the case that ultimately this will be better into the majority of americans. he's also defending his health care law, amid calls to some republicans to shut down the government over defunding the health care law. we heard echoes of that in the republican weekly addre
supporters of the muslim brotherhood this week alone. we go live to martha's vineyard where president obama continues his vacation. any sign from the administration of what they will or even perhaps what they will not do next? >> well, craig, good afternoon. the administration at this point is not signaling any major shift in policy when it comes to egypt. we know that president obama has been briefed daily by his national security adviser susan rice, who is vacationing here on martha's vineyard with him. and of course this past week president obama announced that he would be canceling joint military operations between the u.s. and egypt that were scheduled to take place next month. this was a strong, symbolic rebuke to military for their inability to really get this situation under control in egypt and to get the unrest under control in egypt. but what the administration has not announced is that they will be withholding or withdrawing that $1.3 billion in military aid that they give to egypt every year, and that is really the united states' largest point of leverage at this point in time.
he was working to scrap our present health insurance pay system. >> obama care is a step in the right direction, but we're far from having something that will work. >> so we'll work beyond the insurance eventually? >> absolutely, yes. >> did you hear that? so goodbye private insurers, hello government-run health care. but don't say i didn't warn you. i suspect when i was covering the debate on the hill that this was ultimately the goal any way, and even though that some democrats expressed disappointment, that we didn't end up getting a single payer system, it was like a trojan horse deal ultimately leading to that. but enough about me. back to my panelists who want to congratulate me. by the way, they were also in on this. they're smarty pants in their own right. fake a look. >> ultimately that's the game plan, a single payer system. that's going to be a disaster. >> with the public plan, what it's going to do is increase costs for people who still have private insurance. >> all right. charles and dagan, with adam, gary. charles, you were saying the signals were there and now we're g
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